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Motorcycles for sale

Find used motorcycles for sale. Search for motorcycle reviews, news and classified ads. If you have a motorcycle for sale you can place a FREE ad to advertise your motorcycle to thousands of buyers a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can UKbike be contacted by phone or fax?
A. Yes. You can contact the UKBike support team between 9am and 5pm on 01646 680720

Q.What is the site's postal address?
A. You can send any correspondence to:-
UKBike.com Friday Ad Ltd, London Road, Sayers Common, East Sussex BN6 9HS

Q. Will my bike advert be seen?
A. Yes. UKBike.com currently gets on average 100,000 unique visits per month and with the new look site and enhanced search and browse facilities we anticipate this figure to increase significantly.

Q. Are all private ads free of charge?
A. We offer a basic package that is free but also you can enhance your advert with a number of paid for packages. Any charges will be made clear and unambiguous at the time of posting your advertisement.

Q. Do you display ads from outside the UK?
A. I'm sorry, but we only accept and display ads from within the UK and Ireland currently. (If you are based somewhere other than mainland UK & Ireland please e-mail/telephone us). This is partly to keep the site geographically focused and also to reduce the risk of fraudulent adverts being placed.

Q. Is my ad safe from fraudsters?
A. UKBike.com ensures that your adverts are safer than almost all other websites because E-mail addresses are not required on the adverts but if you wish to opt for e-mail contact you must place your e-mail address within the advertisement text. Please be aware of the following:
Most people selling their bike never encounter problems but it is better to arm yourself with some basic knowledge to ensure that you recognise potential pitfalls if they arise.
The golden rule is simply - If it sounds suspect, then it probably is.
Most scams make a request for you to send money to the buyer in some form or another. If a potential buyer asks you to send them money, DON'T!
Commonly a potential scammer will contact you by e-mail and in broken English and explain that they can pay with a cheque in excess of the sale price with a request to wire the difference back to them (or to a shipping agent working for them). Sounds harmless, but ultimately the cheque will be counterfeit and you will lose any money sent overseas.
Most scams are also conducted by people pretending to be international buyers. It is very unlikely that someone would ever buy a bike to ship abroad without looking at it. Genuine buyers don't usually buy a bike without seeing it first so do not accept any cheques or money orders sent in the post.
Try to do all deals face to face and in cash.
If you arrange to meet a potential buyer do so at a remote location, i.e. somewhere other than your house/garage. It has been known for potential buyers to decline once they have viewed the machine only to return to the address and steal it at a later date.
If a potential buyer wishes to ‘try before he buys' make sure you have some form of security before you hand them the keys, (What's to stop them just riding off)? And always make sure they are insured, ask for evidence of insurance cover

UK sellers - be wary of buyers outside the UK/Ireland - UKBike.com recommends users to sell only to buyers within their own country/area.
Ultimately if you suspect that there may be something odd about the sale, then don't go ahead with it.
UKBIKE.COM advises Advertisers that you IGNORE all suspect foreign enquiries.

Q. Will my e-mail address be used for direct marketing purposes?
A. We will not share your e-mail address with any third party or business outside the Friday Ad Group of publications and websites. However we may from time to time send you details of changes or offers we feel are pertinent to you as a biker and registered user.

Q. Does this mean I won't receive ANY spam as a result of placing an ad?
A. We cannot 100% guarantee you won't receive SPAM if you opt to place your e-mail address within your advertising copy.

Q. Can we upload our own pictures?
A. Yes, you have this facility at the time of placing your advertisement.

Q. What if I have a complaint?
A. See terms and conditions, Contact UKBike.com in the first instance detailing your complaint. We endeavour to respond to all complaints within five working days.

Q. Do you accept credit card payments?
A. Yes. Fill in the relevant details where indicated on the system once you have placed your advertisement or if experiencing problems please telephone 01273 837715.