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Kawasaki GTR, 1400cc, Apr '09 (09)

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Kawasaki GTR motorbike reviews
For my sins, I am a motorcycle policeman and have ridden BMW's both on and off duty for most of my riding life. I never thought that I would stray away from the good old German thoroughbred until, that is, a colleague of mine rode to work on a borrowed Kawasaki GTR1400. The lines and styling were perfect and as soon as i saw that it was a shaft drive, i simply had to have a go!.... I popped out of Police HQ for a 5 minute spin.... and came back an hour later!. If I could write a list of pro's and con's for the perfect bike then this machine would fill all of the pro's and leave the con's to the competition. From the word go the handling, acceleration, comfort, braking and all round ease of operation were strikingly obvious, kawasaki have finally got it right for a sports touring machine. I think that the fact that they have used the ZZR engine and dynamics coupled with the shaft drive in my mind make it a superb machine for both general commuting and long distance touring. Needless to say within 24 hours of testing this incredible motorcycle I was into the local Kawasaki dealers where I ordered my '58' plate black GTR. I picked it up in october and have now covered 3,300miles. The bike has not missed a beat!. I travel a 50 mile round trip daily to and from work, I ride my '08' plated BMW 1200RT all day at work and I must say it is a pleasure to get back on the GTR to go home. It is one stunning machine. The only points that I would suggest for a would be GTR owner are: To go for the high screen, I am only 5'10" but find the elctric standard screen to be just a little short and require the high screen or a Laminar Lip fitted just to take the edge off for a more comfortable ride. If you consider an after market exhaust, which I personally don't feel that I needed and if I did it would only be for aesthetic reasons, then don't fit it until the warranty has expired because the standard exhaust houses 2 x sensors, 1 in the end can and one in the main body, replacing either of these can effect the smooth running of the standard set up and will of course make the warranty null and void. The bike boasts a power socket on the dashboard and a secondary under the seat in the tail section, ideal for fitting both Satnav and Autocom with the greatest of ease. What more can I say?.... I have no doubt that one day I will return to BMW but for the moment i am more than at ease with the Kawasaki and their latest phenominal sports Tourer.... Go get one now!....

Submitted by
diamondgeezer43 on 24/04/2009

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